The Ultimate Children Indoor Recreation 

& Party Center

     Childhood obesity rates are on the rise.  Children are less active due to excessive TV & video game time. Gross motor skills remain very important to a child’s development. According to the American Heart Association, children should engage in at least 60 minutes of daily unstructured physical activity, especially in large muscle activities. Parents need a place for their children to run, hop, jump, slide, crawl, back crawl, squeeze, balance, hang, & bounce. While their children are exercising, they are building strong hearts and healthy bodies. 

     Jumpity Bumpity is an ocean themed indoor recreation center and birthday party venue for children. In our Fairfield location, we have a gigantic 3 level soft padded play structure for children 12 years and under. We also have a 3-lane full size Ninja Warrior Course for all ages to challenge on.  We are not only equipped with the most exciting indoor play equipment in the Bay Area, but also offer unbeatable customer service in a clean, safe and comfortable environment. We consider ourselves as a “family-friendly” center catering to the growing desire of parents who want to see their children learning, growing, and nurtured as they play. In our center, children will mainly be involved in Active Play activities. Studies have shown that active play is a major factor in appropriate mental, social, emotional, and physical development of children. When children are engaged in active play, they are presented with various situations, interactions, and challenges. As they develop competencies in these areas, they are honing the same social, mental, and physical skills they'll need in other aspects of life. 

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